Fair of children's dreams

Under the motto "Children help children", a children's festival for the benefit of Utange - Hilfe für Kinder in Kenia e.V. and KiTa St. Afra Betzigau in Betzigau took place for the first time this year on 06.07.2019.

On this day, the Betzigau sports field was transformed into a playground for all children. From children's make-up, penalty shootings and a bouncy castle to pony riding, a lot was offered. Also for the physical well-being was sufficiently provided with many delicious cakes and tarts, BBQ and cool drinks.

In total the proceeds amounted to 2.442,00€.

The entire proceeds went to the construction of a children's playground in the Utange Baptist Primary School in Kenya and the Betzigauer Kindergarten.