• Welding force up to 140N

  • Compact design

  • High dynamics due to low moving mass, dead weight approx. 432g

  • Wear-free, seal-less cylinder

  • Precise quick-change electrode system is standard

  • Long lifetime due to self-cleaning guide

  • Precise positioning accuracy, stability and load-bearing capacity due to preloaded ball guides

  • Best reproducibility due to positive locking

  • Outstanding adjustment behaviour due to tension-free anti-rotation protection of the adjustment components

  • Easy adjustment of the sensors

  • Easy retrofitting of the position measuring system

  • Can also be used as a double head

Fields of application:

  • Lamp industry: welding of housing components, welding of filaments

  • Automotive: Extruded stamped-bent parts, stamped-grid connections

  • Electrics/electronics: hot staking of coils (Cu enamelled wire welding), sensor production

  • Welding of 3-dimensionally distributed welding spots with the aid of a handling system



Size comparison SK-2015 to SK-2012