• Welding force range: 0,02N - 10N

  • Weight: 3,46kg

  • High dynamics due to low moving mass

  • Precise quick-change electrode system is standard

  • Long lifetime due to the use of precision guides

  • Precise positioning accuracy, stability and load-bearing capacity due to preloaded ball guides

  • Electrode gap adjustable in the 0.01mm range by means of micrometer screw

  • Easy adjustment of the sensors

  • Quick change between thermode and electrode operation

  • Exceptionally high reproducibility of the welding force due to a special adjusting spring concept

Fields of application:

  • High frequency technology: gap welding of substrate connectors (20µm thick connectors)

  • Weighing technology: Welding of connectors to coated Kapton foils

  • Electrics/electronics: Thermodic welding of lacquered copper wires and leaded SMD components on circuit boards and substrates