• Welding pincer for setting forces from 30N to 300N

  • Modular design and compatibility with other models

  • Compact, flexible design with minimum dead weight

  • Exact positioning accuracy, stability and load capacity due to rolling bearings

  • Best reproducibility due to feed baffles

  • Outstanding adjustment behaviour due to spring system

  • Easy retrofitting of position measuring system

  • Optional "floating" storage of the entire pliers possible

Fields of application:

  • Suitable for standard welding on difficult geometries and hot staking

  • Automotive: Welding overmolded stamped-bent parts with components (e.g. resistors on stamped-bent parts), welding servomotor for throttle valve

  • Electrics/electronics: welding enamelled wires in flaps, welding of compacted strands <2mm² in cross-section

  • Consumer goods industry: e.g. welding thin sheets for the production of punches